AI-based automated Financial Spreading software for financial data digitization, spreading automation and analysis.

Collatio® Financial Spreading delivers a coherent, structured and fully-customized template, from which valuable and actionable intelligence can be extracted.

With extensive automation that is implemented at each stage of the process, from data ingestion to harmonization to reconciliation, Collatio® Financial Spreading delivers tremendous gains in productivity and cost reduction, while guaranteeing unprecedented levels of accuracy at scale.

Key features

  • Subject matter expertise and, domain‐specific ontologies
  • 50+ proprietary AI-based algorithms
  • Pre-built APIs to access other systems
  • Automated document classification
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • 100% customizable UI

Use Cases

  • Balance sheets
  • Income statements
  • Changes in equity
  • Personal financial statements
  • Cash flows
  • Rent rolls
  • Reconciliation of financial documents with notes
  • Other businesses and financial statements

Impact & Business Benefits

  • Fully Automated & Versatile
    • Extracts financial statements to be exported to Excel or client’s platform of choice
    • Extracts tables & footnotes and reconciles with financial statements
    • Handles wide variety of document types & structures
  • Productivity & Cost Control
    • 80% reduction in time & cost
    • Streamlines workflow management
    • Reinforcement learning increases savings over time
  • Compliance & Data Security
    • Automated alerts and triggers to ensure timely compliance
    • Role based access to client specific data
  • Accuracy
    • 90%+ accuracy achieved with pre-trained algorithms and domain ontology
    • Support for multiple languages

Collatio’s Financial Spreading Tools serves:

  • NBFCs
  • Retail & Commercial Banking
  • Private Wealth and Asset Managers
  • Investment Bankings
  • Credit Unions

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