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  • Founder & Chief Executive Officer at Scry AI -  Dr. Alok Aggarwal

    Dr. Alok Aggarwal

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Chief Medic Information Officer of Scry AI - Dr. Sangeeta Aggarwal

    Dr. Sangeeta

    Chief Medical Information Officer

  • Senior Vice President Of Data Science at Scry AI - Rishi Sharma

    Rishi Sharma

    SVP Data Science, India

  • Senior Data Scientist at Scry AI - Mingfeng Liu

    Mingfeng Liu

    Senior Data Scientist

  • Head Of Digital Transformation at Scry AI - Srinivasan Bharadwaj

    Srinivasan Bharadwaj

    Head of Digital Transformation

  • Senior Vice President Of Solutions and Growth at Scry AI -Ajay Piwhal

    Ajay Piwhal

    Senior VP, Solutions & Growth

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