AI-Based Anomaly and Fraud
Detection in Financial Transactions

Anomalia® uses proprietary AI-Algorithms to identify potential fraud, risk, conflict and non-compliance in financial and legal engagements at transactional level.

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Applications of Anomalia®

Anomalia® Differentiators And
Business Benefits

  • Product Accuracy

    90%+ Accuracy with prebuilt ontologies and scalable over time using Data Security.

  • Data Security

    Entire product suite is SOC2 compliant and ISO27001 certified.

  • Dynamic Risk Scoring

    Automated Transactional and Behavioral Analysis to generate potential anomaly and fraud event estimates using AI/ML.

  • Smart Domain Ontologies

    Rich prebuilt Contract, Employment and Legal domain specific ontologies.

  • Continual Watchlist Coordination

    Automated Screening of Originators and Beneficiaries against.

  • Reduced False Positives

    70% Reduction in False
    Positives compared to.

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