Employee Fraud Detection

Anomalia® Employee Fraud Detection by Scry AI enables businesses to automate predicting and mitigating potential employee fraud situations using proprietary algorithms and connectors.

Key features

  • Real time risk alerts based on the analyses thus mitigating potential frauds ahead of the curve for businesses, saving business losses of labor and cost by 75% or more.
  • Multi-stage Entity Enrichment and Analysis at Transactional, Entity & Network levels
  • Cohort segmentation and analysis for enhanced accuracy
  • Attribution modeling based on transactions, employee behavior and documents.

Use Cases

  • AI software to enable identification of potential employee fraud situations in an automated and cost efficient application.
  • conduct pattern identification and analysis of variables such as transactions, relationships, employee behavior, cohort segmentation and KYC document as well as email analysis.
  • Real-time assessment of Employee behavior and transactions

Anomalia® Business Benefits

  • Single Source of Truth
    • Ingests data related to transactions, call centers, user behavior and customer logon details
    • Generate out-sorts & alerts within minutes & incorporate business rules
  • Dynamic Risk Scoring
    • Advanced AI-based real-time assessment of debit transactions & originating entities & banks
    • Automated screening of entities against various watchlists and sanctioned lists
  • Productivity & Cost Control
    • Up to 70% incremental fraud detection capabilities over business rules
      Processess more than 4 million records per hour.
  • Entity Enrichment
    • Multi-stage analysis using Scry AI’s proprietary algorithms & knowledge graphs (at entity, transaction and network levels)

Anomalia® Employee Fraud Detection serves:

  • Retail & Commercial Banks
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Non-banking Financial Institutions
  • Credit Unions
  • Investment Banks

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