Anomaly Detection
and Predictive Maintenance
in IoT Data

Predictive and prescriptive analysis of data received from various IoT data sources, including sensor, device, equipment or network enabling the users to take actions in real time on probable anomalies detected.

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A layered vector city map from a distance using google earth

Applications of Concentio®

Concentio® Differentiators And
Business Benefits

  • Product Accuracy

    90%+ Accuracy with prebuilt ontologies and scalable over time using Data Security.

  • Data Security

    Entire product suite is SOC2 compliant and ISO27001 certified.

  • Time-Series Graphs

    30+ probabilistic spatial graph algorithms trained for automated ingestion, fingerprinting and real-time analysis of sensors, smart meters and networks.

  • Comprehensive Coverage

    Delivers multi-million variable analysis for end-to-end coverage and actionable insights for asset risks, failures and maintenance.

  • Best-in-the-Market AI/ML Stack

    Equipped with a library of 30+ proprietary supervised and unsupervised algorithms designed, trained and tested.

  • Anomaly Detection

    Real-time analysis and alert generation using computer vision and varied visual data sources such as videos and images from internal and external sources.

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