Optimal Asset Management

Concentio® Optimal Asset Management by Scry Ai is powered by proprietary AI algorithms to analyze data from multiple systems, thereby ensuring rapid identification, resolution, and reduction of potential errors within a network of assets that provide various utilities (e.g., water, electricity and cooking gas)

Key Features

  • 30+ proprietary AI-based algorithms
  • Can simultaneously accommodate more than a million variables
  • Real-time validation against system generated device and network fingerprint
  • Real time alerts for critical events in a network of assets
  • Human in the loop” helps the software in improving its accuracy on a continuous basis
  • Visualization of meter asset health in an interactive, geospatial view

Use Cases

  • Automated monitoring of data for utility service providers
  • Optimizes existing networks with meters
  • Provides real-time visibility into smart meter operations
  • Tracks progress and issues with new meter installation
  • Predicts potential meter and other bottleneck failures
  • Provides efficient maintenance scheduling

Concentio® Optimal Asset Management offers Business Benefits such as

  • Real Time Determination of Data Integrity
    • Missing or out of range or synthetic data
    • Abrupt changes in the gradient or unusual noise in incoming data
    • Lack of correlation with other data
  • Smart Monitoring
    • Automated “health index scoring” of meters and other network equipment
    • Remotely identifying meter configuration and location mismatches
    • Continuously updating and prioritizing the queue for installation and maintenance work-orders
  • AI-Based Maintenance Planning
    • Generates a list of assets projected to fail; ensures accurate billing, and reduces maintenance expenses
    • Identifies root cause of failure and provides recommendations for potential solutions
    • Identifies potential deployment issues, diagnoses the source of meter malfunction and optimizes field service
  • Ready to Use Integration
    • Ready to use data ingestion connectors and APIs
    • Pre-built connectors to online platforms and sources for enhancing anomaly detection with external data
    • Customizable graphs and alerts as per client requirements

Concentio® Optimal Asset Management is providing solutions to industries:

  • Utilities Providers of Gas, Water & Electric
  • Upstream Production Plants for Utilities

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