Production Line Fault Prediction

Scry Ai’s Concentio® Production Line Fault Prediction is an Enterprise AI application powered by machine learning computer-vision algorithms to analyze if the incoming video or other data from various portions of a production line constitute an anomaly and predicts if the corresponding product or its components are likely to fail.

Key Features

  • 30+ proprietary AI-based algorithms, majority using computer vision to detect anomalies
  • Provides real-time validation against the software generated fingerprints
  • Real time alerts related to anomalies
  • Human in the loop” helps the software in improving its accuracy on a continuous basis
  • SCADA, DCS and various enterprise systems can be easily integrated using prebuilt APIs

Use Cases

  • Identifies anomalies in real time data using time series analysis
  • Fingerprinting of the production line and its components for origin mapping
  • Provides descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive insights
  • Alerts the user of a potentially faulty product or its components
  • Monitors all portions of the production line in real-time

The Key Business Benefits of Concentio® Production Line Fault Prediction

  • Performance Improvement
    • Prediction of key attributes related to the production line and its components that may be working out of range or depicting anomalies
    • Prediction of products or components that are likely to be faulty
  • Yield Optimization
    • Advanced ML and computer vision algorithms help in forecasting product yield issues
    • Ad-Hoc Analysis Capabilities enable process troubleshooting and root cause analyses across time horizons
    • Integrated modeling supports discrete, batch, semi-batch, and continuous manufacturing processes
  • Production Line Fingerprinting
    • Generates a production line fingerprint based on time-series data
    • Incorporates the specifications provided by various manufacturers of production line and its components for flagging spurious data
    • Alerts the user if the incoming data does not conform to the fingerprint of the production line
  • Ready to Use Integration
    • Ready to use data ingestion connectors and APIs
    • Pre-built connectors to online platforms and sources for enhancing anomaly detection with external data
    • Customizable graphs and alerts as per client requirements

Concentio® Production Line Fault Prediction currently provides solutions for:

  • Logistics & Packaging
  • Constructions
  • Manufacturing
  • Industrial Plants & Equipment's

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