Real Time Scene Detection

Scry Ai’s Concentio® Optimal Asset Management is an Enterprise AI application that uses Computer Vision algorithms and deep learning networks to addresses a wide range of object detection and classification use cases.

Key Features

  • 25+ proprietary AI-based algorithms related to computer vision and deep learning networks
  • Scry’s intellectual property in feature engineering & signal selection
  • Optimized for the “edge”, with proprietary models trained centrally and output produced locally and close to “end” devices and sensors
  • Developed to work in “rugged” environments, e.g. streets, railway stations, open fields, and jungles
  • 90%+ accuracy to detect & connect entities while monitoring a scene in a nearby or remote locations

Use Cases

  • Helps in adherence to health and safety standards
  • Remote inspection of distributed assets through aerial images
  • Improves safety and security in plant operations
  • Improves customer experience in retail stores, banks, and inperson shopping areas
  • Helps in ensuring Environment, Sustainability and Governance (ESG) regulations, e.g., by analyzing pictures and videos from drones and satellites

Concentio® Real Time Scene Detection enables Business Benefits including:

  • Efficient Global Operations
    • Reduced unplanned downtime by detecting equipment issues such as cracks and degradation
    • Improves security in operations by identifying unauthorized workers
    • Detects fraud by predicting anomalies and abnormal activity
  • Reduction in Time and Cost
    • Reduces transition, inventory, transportation, staffing and other costs by deploying optimally
    • Improves customer satisfaction in retail stores by providing customers quick access to inventory and to customer representatives
  • Real-time Dashboards and Reporting
    • Provides a unified view across many user personas in manufacturing, wholesale, or retail operations
      Identifies gaps and provides recommendations to enable users to quickly identify and characterize unmitigated high-risk areas
    • Inferencing at the edge” allows it to forewarn of a potential mishap in real-time
  • Ready to Use Integration
    • Ready to use data ingestion connectors and APIs
    • Pre-built connectors to online platforms and sources for enhancing anomaly detection with external data
    • Customizable graphs and alerts as Client requirements

Concentio® Real Time Scene Detection is providing solutions in industries like:

  • Oil & Gas
  • Construction
  • Aerospace
  • Utilities
  • Industrial Plants & Equipment's
  • Retail & Banking

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