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Why Scry AI?

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Since 2014, Scry AI has been delivering AI-based high-value impact for enterprises. Our products are built on 40+ years of expertise, leadership, and pioneering spirit.

Scry AI delivers market-leading accuracy from the get-go. Our team is dedicated to providing rapid, high-value enterprise AI solutions.

Scry AI believes in harnessing the power of AI for businesses worldwide. We create customizable solutions that are easy to adapt.

Scry AI solutions are relentlessly tested and updated to drive measurable results throughout your business value chain.

Scry AI is ISO 27001 & SOC2 certified, which guarantees the best in market security. We prioritize effortless integration, high-level data security, and user-friendly implementation.


Proprietary AI Based Congnitive Platform

CognitiveBricks® is a proprietary library of AI algorithms, which works on the concept of building blocks or bricks, optimized for computing, power and memory usage that works with higher accuracy as compared to open source algorithms. Our AI-based cognitive platform is 100% customizable.

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ScryTry Collatio®

Intelligent Document Processing factory with straight through processing.


Predictive Anomaly Detection in IoT Networks and Supply Chain


AI-Based Data Anomaly and Financial Fraud Detection for legal and financial engagements.


Predictive Analysis and Marketing Risk Assessment across social media and channels.


Automated Extraction
of Data Relationships
among Tables.

Automated data
extraction and
enhancement software

Financial Spreading
Automated Financial Spreading Enterprise application for high-accuracy data extraction, collation, and financial statement spreading.
Invoice Reconciliation
Automated Financial Invoice Digitization with data reconciliation features across documents such as SoWs, Purchase Orders, and MSAs.
KYC and Enhanced Due Diligence
AI-based automated data processing for verification and validation across global, external and internal databases, watchlists and PEP Lists for varied Identity Documentation.
Loan Ops Automation
Automated Loan Operations document classification and application processing with inherent domain specific ontologies and subject matter expertise.
Financial Ops Automation
AI-based Enterprise Application for data digitization, extraction and analysis across financial and legal documentation.
Bank Statements and Check Analysis
AI-based Enterprise application for automated digitization, data extraction, and analysis across varied bank statements and checks from regional, national, and federal banks as well as credit unions.

Predictive Anomaly
Detection in IoT Networks
and Supply Chain

IoT Doctor
Device health and security monitoring via real time IoT data analysis, data enrichment and device fingerprinting.
IoT Data Anomaly Detection
IoT Data Anomaly Detection in real time using 25+ proprietary AI based algorithms and deep domain expertise.
Product Line Fault Prediction
Computer Vision empowered IoT data detection with real-time video and image based scene analysis for failure margin estimation.
Optimal Asset Management
Utilities based enterprise application for automated ingestion, assessment and error prediction in water, gas and electric utility infrastructures.
Predictive Maintenance
IoT and Non-IoT Data ingestion and harmonization for comprehensive asset risk analysis.
Real-time Scene Detection
Real-time security and experience enhancement application using computer vision for video/image based scene analysis.

AI-Based Data
Anomaly and Financial
Fraud Detection for legal
and financial engagements.

ACH Transfers Anomaly Detection
AI-based Enterprise application for automated ACH Transfers end-to-end security coverage.
Mobile Check Deposit Anomaly Detection
Automated mobile check deposit authentication with real-time fraud detection alert.
Anomaly Detection in Wire Transfers
Enterprise application for Wire transfers security and authentication including potential fraud estimation.
Anti Money Laundering
Enhanced Financial Due Diligence against global, regional and federal watchlists and sanctioned lists.
Conflict of Interest Monitoring
Real-time Due Diligence in Contractual Documentation for automated conflict of interest detection.
Employee Fraud Detection
Automated Enterprise AI application for monitoring and variable analysis including emails, financial transactions and behavioral patterns.

Predictive Analysis
and Marketing Risk
Assessment across
social media and channels.

Adverse Event Detection
AI-based Enterprise application for Social Intelligence and Marketing Risk Assessment.
SMB Default Risk Prediction
Credit default risk management application with borrower profiling and social data ingestion.
Service Ticket Management
AI-based Technical Support application for service request analysis and real-time personnel recommendation.
Optimal Factory Scheduling
Supply Chain and Factory Scheduling Enterprise Application including real-time analysis, predictive alerts and risk factoring.
Inventory & Transportation Optimization
Real-time Inventory monitoring and Supply Chain risk mitigation through global efficiency analysis and predictive alerts.
Suppliers Risk Prediction
Suppliers portfolio management enterprise application with risk assessment and supply chain disruption predictions for enhanced efficiency control.

Automated Extraction
of Data Relationships
among Tables.

DFM Reverse Engineering
Reverse Engineering of COBOL and PL/1 programs.
Software BugIdentification
Finding bugs in new software versions.
ESG Data Sets Relation
Efficient determination of relationships among diverse ESG datasets.
Regulatory Compliance
Improving regulatory compliance.
Data Integrating
Integrating data within and across organizations more effectively.

We are Committed to
Quality and Security

All our product suites are ISO 27001 and SOC2 compliant.


We are trusted by enterprises globally.


We deliver tailored innovative solutions across industries.


ScryAI helps Finance Industry with AI-based Financial Solutions to preempt tomorrow's challenges, gain competitive advantages and accelerate high value outcomes.

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ScryAI HealthCare AI solutions address end-to-end Healthcare value chain bottlenecks with continuous medical decision support, 360-degree Patient Profiling and Medical Operations automation.

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Smart Cities

ScryAI provides developers with large scale IoT aligned AI-based applications to enable continuous monitoring, predictive maintenance and real-time resolutions.

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Manufacturing & Industrial

ScryAI delivers Enterprise aligned AI-based solutions equipped with Computer Vision technologies to help optimize and secure Manufacturing & Industrial processes and spaces.

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Supply Chain

ScryAI offers AI-based Enhanced Supply Chain management including inventory management, supplier risk prediction, optimal inventory and logistics decision making.

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