Anti Money Laundering

Anomalia® Anti Money Laundering is a Scry AI enterprise AI application with enhanced due diligence to generate 360-degree view of customers, entities and reduce false positives by 70% in Anti-money laundering business goals.

Key features

  • 350+ Features to generate out-sorts
  • 360-Degree Profile generation including multi-level (entity, transaction, network level) analysis
  • Ingests and augments data collected via internal as well as external data sources, including social media, entities firmographics and financial data, watchlists and sanctioned lists.

Use Cases

  • Provides information for generating Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) as well as ad-hoc reports
  • Real-time risk alerts based on several factors including transactions, customer behavior & risk profile
  • Provides roles-based access to analysts & supervisors
  • Explainable & Dynamic Visualization Dashboards for enhanced interpretability.
  • Incorporates learning from human analyst feedback

Business Benefits

  • Single Source of Truth
    • Standardize originator & beneficiary names,addresses, SWIFT/BIC codes, bank short names
    • Resolves “bleeding” of data across different columns, e.g., name, address
    • Entity classification – individual, industry/sector, government, not-for-profit, etc.
  • Dynamic Risk Scoring
    • Advanced AI-based real-time assessment of transactions, customers & related entities
    • Automated screening of entities against various watchlists and sanctioned lists
  • Productivity and Cost Control
    • Streamlining processes by real-time data aggregation & automated monitoring of customer activities
    • Semi-automated SAR & CTR reports reduce the time for analysts to aggregate and format required information for filing with FinCEN
  • Entity Enrichment
    • Multi-stage analysis using Scry AI’s knowledge graphs at entity level, transaction level and network level.

Anomalia® Anti Money Laundering serves

  • Retail & Commercial Banks
  • Asset Management Firms
  • Non-banking Financial Institutions
  • Credit Unions
  • Investment Banks

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