Supplier Risk Prediction

Vigilo® Supplier Risk Prediction by Scry AI is an Enterprise AI application focused on providing critical and comprehensive information and risk visibility for supply chain organizations.

Key Features

  • Proprietary ontologies that are updated dynamically
  • Exhaustive and most relevant data sources
  • Human in the loop" helps in continuously improving its accuracy
  • Pre-packaged dashboards can be customized for complex and specific monitoring needs

Use Cases

  • Identifying and prioritizing sources of raw materials and components
  • Supplier portfolio management
  • Predictive disruption alerts in supply chain operations
  • Geo-spatial and node-level analyses

Vigilo® Supplier Risk Prediction Business Benefits

  • Globally Operable Efficiency
    • Increased resilience and redundancy of supplier portfolios through predictive identification of components at risk
    • Multiple scenario analysis of the likelihood of internal and external disruptions
    • Improved visibility of critical uncertainties such as seasonal demands and quality fluctuations.
  • External Data Enhancement
    • Integrates historical supply chain performance data with current internal supply chain information
    • Integrates externally gathered data including weather and associated transport disruption risks as well as news alerts.
  • Real Time Dashboards and Reporting
    • Managerial dashboards for comprehensive enterprise-level visibility into supply chain
    • Provides supplier risk recommendations and gap analysis
    • Geo-spatial and node-level analyses for holistic view
  • Reduced Time and Cost
    • Improved Production reliability and quality through advance notification and preparations
    • Enhanced long term supply chain planning visibility via consistent and comprehensive data aggregation

Vigilo® Supplier Risk Prediction Serves

  • Logistics & Packaging Industry
  • Constructions Industry
  • Industrial Plant and Equipment Firms
  • Supply Chain Teams

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