Vigilo® Service Ticket Management

Scry AI’s Vigilo® Service Ticket Management is an Enterprise AI software empowered by AI to improve efficiency and quality of internal and external technical support service groups.

Key Features

  • Automated Ontology with dynamic updates
  • User and Developers’ Manuals incorporation along with FAQs, Logs and other Knowledge Repositories
  • Knowledge Graphs for determining and curating “Best Match” recommendations
  • Identifying similarities and “best match” pairings from distributed data sources

Use Cases

  • 40% improvement in time and cost over current manual processes
  • Automated data processing, noise removal and relevancy filter based information extraction
  • 90%+ Accuracy from integration onwards with inbuilt domain ontologies
  • Reinforcement Learning via human intelligence and machine learning

Vigilo® Service Ticket Management Business Benefits

  • Automated Ticket Management
    • Automates data processing, removes noise and extracts relevant information.
    • Auto-fills tickets and routes incidents as well as cases based on past information along with ten potential solutions and bug fixes.
    • Helps engineers find the appropriate domain experts to accelerate resolution.
  • Productivity and Cost Control
    • Upto 40% improvement in time and cost over current manual processes.
    • Shifts human focus from data entry to root cause analysis in service tickets.
  • Accuracy
    • 90%+ Accuracy achieved with pre-trained algorithms and domain ontology
    • Distributed and parallel computing to handle large volumes of service requests and past logs as well as other data
  • Compliance and Data Security
    • Provides ability to manage users, their hierarchy and roles
    • Audit logs for data governance teams
    • Role based access for sensitive data.

Vigilo® Service Ticket Management serves:

  • Life Sciences and Healthcare
  • IT Services
  • City Services
  • Financial Services
  • Utilities Companies
  • Telecom
  • E-commerce
  • Logistics

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