Inventory & Transportation Optimization

Vigilo® Inventory & Transportation Optimization by Scry AI is an Enterprise AI application built to help manufacturing firms, wholesalers and retailers in reducing inventory fluctuations

Key Features

  • Proprietary ontologies that are updated continuously and dynamically
  • Parallel and distributed computing allows it to scale to several million stock keeping units (SKUs)
  • "Human in the loop” improves its accuracy continuously and dynamically
  • Pre-packaged dashboards that can be customized for complex and specific monitoring needs

Use Cases

  • Capable of inventory scales of Millions of SKUs
  • Enhanced Customer Delivery experiences with improved SLAs
  • Consideration of key uncertainties such as seasonal demand and quality fluctuations.
  • Pre-built connectors and customizable graphs for bespoke client use case.

Vigilo® Inventory & Transportation Optimization Business Benefits

  • Customer Satisfaction Enhancement
    • Improved end-customer delivery timelines
    • Improved profitability ratios and discount opportunities
    • Higher quality items deliverability due to enhanced SLAs
    • Ease of use for clients.
  • Globally Operable Efficiency
    • Scales of Million+ SKUs inventory
    • Improved SLAs with suppliers
    • Key uncertainty considerations including seasonal demands and quality concerns.
    • Factors integration such as production-line disruptions, arrival uncertainty and other relevant aspects.
  • Real Time Dashboards and Reporting
    • Improved organizational efficiency through holistic department and supplier view
    • Real-time recommendations for RMA optimization by parts and location filters
    • Real-time alerts and visualizations for critical inventory levels and root cause analysis
  • Ready to Use Integration
    • Ready to use data ingestion connectors and APIs
    • Pre-built connectors to online platforms & data sources for enhanced anomaly detection including external data integration
    • Custom graphs and alert settings as per client requirements.

Vigilo® Inventory & Transportation Optimization serves:

  • Logistics and Packaging
  • Constructions and Manufacturing
  • Industrial Plant and Equipment Companies.
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