Leading Artificial Intelligence And Software Development Company, Scry Analtyics, Announces Name Change To Scry AI

We are SCRY AI now

Scry Analytics, founded in 2014 by Dr. Alok Aggarwal, is a pioneering research and development company leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) and data science for clients mainly in the FinTech, Healthcare, Mobility, Communications, Entertainment and Smart Cities sectors as well as several departments within governments. The company announced today that it will rebrand and rename itself Scry AI.

Our Commitment

The English word, Scry, means to foretell the future by seeing or gazing into crystal ball or another reflecting object. Scry AI uses artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the future and fortunes or misfortunes of organizations, individuals, and Internet of Things, hence the new name, Scry AI. Since the use of AI has been increasing at an exponential rate, Scry AI is committed to enhancing its product suite and significantly increasing its investment in an ambitious research and development strategy to serve clients and help companies harness the power of AI to transform their businesses.

“While AI has been around since the mid-1950s, companies were hesitant to embrace it because it was complex and costly,” said Dr. Alok Aggarwal, CEO and Chief Data Scientist of Scry AI. “Our clients are often amazed at the range of cost-effective and easy-to-use AI-based products and solutions that we offer, which can effectively address and resolve their most pressing business needs and problems. More companies are looking for ways that AI can help grow their businesses, and Scry AI is committed to developing AI-based solutions to help them achieve success.”

Our Key Product Lines

1. Collatio® – Intelligent document processing factory with straight through processing

2. Anomalia® – AI-based anomaly and fraud detection

3. Concentio® – Predictive maintenance of electronic devices using IoT data

4. Vigilo® – Predicting marketing and operational risks for efficient planning

5. Data-Flow Mapping® – Determining data lineage and using it for reverse engineering of legacy programs

“AI has become part of everyone’s dinner table conversation, but few people understand the meaning of the phrase and instead consider it to be almost magical,” said Srini Bharadwaj, Scry AI’s Head of Digital Transformation. “We at Scry AI demystify Artificial Intelligence through our products and solutions and apply it to the real needs of today’s companies. While the underpinning is AI, our customers do not need to get bogged down in its intricacies. Instead, they can focus on the outcomes and value provided by our platforms, products, and solutions.”

A Look at Scry AI’s Future

In addition to its name change, Scry AI is launching a forward-looking rebranding strategy, including a new website, logo, new CRM and customer satisfaction programs, introduction of an extensive AI case study library, and more. Companies interested in learning more about Scry AI and their products can reach out to the firm directly.

Press Contacts

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