Loan® Ops Automation

Automated Loan Operations Data Classification and Processing Application

Scry AI’s Collatio® – Loan Ops automation software offers data classification and processing features for classifying, extracting, reconciling and analyzing loan documentation across varied file formats such as machine readable PDFs, XML/XBRL, JSONs, Word, PPT. Excel and CSV.

Key features

  • 80% reduction in time and cost Workflow management with role-based access.
  • 90%+ accuracy with pre-trained algorithms and domain ontology.
  • Multiple languages including Spanish, French and German.
  • Custom templates for capturing, spreading, reporting and projecting the data.
  • Centralized database for data analysis and reporting requirements.
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Use Cases

  • Extract Information related to Pay-stubs and W-2 forms.
  • Extract Information related to Tax forms, e.g. 1040, 1120 and 1065.
  • Extract Information related to Bank statements.
  • Extract Information related to Purchase contract.
  • Extract Information related to Hazard insurance.
  • Extract Information related to Payoff statement.
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Collatio’s Loan Ops Automation Business Benefits

  • User Interface and APIs

    Pre-built graphical user interface (GUI) & APIs for quick deployment & integration with clients’ existing workflow.

  • Domain Ontologies

    Pre-built financial ontologies & business rules that are dynamically updated to improve the product accuracy over time.

  • Knowledge Graphs

    30+ probabilistic spatial and temporal graph algorithms to determine links and connected entities.

Collatio’s Loan Ops Automation serves:

  • Residential Mortgage Loans (Including Home Equity Line of Credit)
  • Commercial and Real Estate Loans
  • Personal Loans
  • Auto Loans
  • .

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