Collatio® - Data Flow Mapping

Enterprise AI Based Automated Data Flow Mapping Software

Scry AI’s Data Flow Mapping product suite features Enterprise AI based Data Flow Mapping tool for reverse engineering Code from COBOL and other legacy languages, bringing versatility and modernization to rewritten code in contemporary languages.

Collatio also enables automatic code analysis including dependencies, relationships and extracting business rules. This feature enables the automated standardization of processes and services with regard to documentation, maintenance, rationalization, optimization and modernization of the software applications legacy code.

Key features

  • 60+ proprietary algorithms to reverse engineer ~ 500 transformations
  • Time-series graphs to show parameters & transformations from one set of tables to the next one
  • Generate exceptions and alerts on incremental data
  • APIs & user interface for new configuration, rules, schedule & execution

Use Cases

  • Reverse engineering of code in COBOL and other legacy languages so that more versatile code can be rewritten in modern languages.
  • Analysis of software code, its complexity, and dependencies as well as other relationships within the code; extract business rules.
  • Automation of processes and services regarding documentation, maintenance, rationalization, optimization, and modernization of software applicatio

& Business Benefits

  • Streamlining & Optimizing Efficiency
    • Provides decision support to analyst and programmers while inferring the flowcharts related to the underlying COBOL program
    • Only 15% COBOL programmers
      required as compared to the current manual process
  • Productivity, Accuracy & Cost Control
    • 75% reduction in time & cost while analyzing COBOL code
    • Streamlines workflow management
    • Reinforcement learning can aid further savings over time
    • 90%+ accuracy achieved by pre-trained AI algorithms and domain ontology
  • Customizability

    Options to deploy on-premise or in SaaS
    mode with a 4 week proof-of-value

  • Seamless Integration

    Automated attribute and
    transformation mapping of input and
    output tables

Collatio® - Data Flow Mapping Software serves:

  • Banking & Non-Banking Finance Corporations
  • Information Technology Companies
  • Life Sciences & Healthcare Companies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Retail Organizations
  • Government Agencies
  • Other Entities with Legacy Applications

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