Collatio® - Contract Intelligence

Automated Contract Digitization and Analysis

Scry AI’s Collatio® Contract Intelligence is an AI based enterprise application that ingests, extracts, standardizes and distills actionable intelligence from diverse data sources across varied file formats.Collatio® – Contract Intelligence application enables automated contract analysis while also identifying underlying pricing, business risks and real time compliance provisions alerts.

Key features

  • 40+ proprietary AI algorithms for identification & resolution of errors as well as extraction of metadata, attributes, and entities
  • Built-in domain expertise with relevant ontologies
  • Automated data extraction from contracts
  • Reinforcement learning via machine and human intelligence
  • Ingests documents in scanned, PDF machine readable,
  • Excel/CSV, Word, XBRL/XML, and many other formats

Use Cases

  • NDAs, MSAs, SoWs & Purchase Orders
  • Royalty agreements & acquisition agreements
  • Derivatives contracts, e.g., ISDA master, CSA, MRA, GMRA, MSLA & MSFTA
  • Term-sheets, credit agreements & letters of intent
  • Commercial loan agreements, residential & commercial mortgages, auto loans, and leases
  • Impact analysis of IBOR contracts and remediation
  • SWIFT messages, unstructured settlements, or other payment related instructions
  • Corporate actions and trust documents

Automated Contract Intelligence

  • Automated Contract Intelligence
    • Extracts specific information such as attributes and entities from contracts
    • Computes semantic similarity of agreements at the attribute level
    • Keep track of payment periods and agreement expiry dates
  • Productivity & Cost Control
    • Digitizes over 200 pages an hour
    • Provides 80% reduction in time & cost
    • Streamlines workflow management
    • Reinforcement learning improves savings further over time
  • Accuracy
    • 90%+ accuracy achieved by pre-trained AI algorithms
  • Compliance & Data Security
    • Automated alerts & triggers to ensure timely compliance

Collatio® - Contract Intelligence Serves

  • Compliance Officers
  • Purchasing and Procurement Divisions
  • Finance & Accounting Departments
  • Legal and Sales Department
  • .

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