Collatio® - Bank Statements and Check Analysis

Enterprise AI Application for Automated Bank Statement Analysis and Verification

Scry AI’s Collatio(R) product suite features a Bank Statement and Check Analysis application for automating the digitization, analysis and verification of various bank statements and checks from regional and national banks as well as credit unions across diverse formats.

This AI based software uses proprietary algorithms to automatically digitize and categorize financial data for analytics requirements such as income and expense trends, credibility rating score for account holders etc.

Key features

  • 40+ proprietary AI algorithms to triangulate and fix error
  • Workflow management with role-based access
  • Multiple language support including Spanish, French and German

Use Cases

  • Digitizes and reconciles data with bank statements and cheques
  • Alerts the analyst for unusual transactions
  • Generates “credibility score” for account holder based on the expense behavior

& Business Benefits

  • Domain Ontological Expertise

    Domain Ontologies – Pre-built financial ontologies & business rules that are dynamically updated to improve the product accuracy over time

  • Scalability

    Built for rapid scaling with centralized data storage for consistent and fast access

  • Flexibility

    Custom Template Capturing for analysts including financial spreading, reporting and projection analysis of financial statements

  • Seamless Integration

    Client based Customizable Integration with minimal workflow interruptions in existing processes.

Collatio’s Bank Statements and Check Analysis Application serves:

  • Banks & Credit Unions
  • Fintech Companies
  • Mortgage Lenders
  • Non-Banking Finance Companies
  • Lenders of Commercial Loans
  • Lenders of Home Equity and Auto Loans
  • Lenders of Other Non-Collateralized Loans
  • Insurance Companies

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